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Kicking the Clutter: Simple tips to makeover your living room

The living room is probably the busiest room in your home. Because we use this valuable space for so many purposes, it can easily get cluttered and nonfunctional.

The living room is probably the busiest room in your home. Because we use this valuable space for so many purposes, it can easily get cluttered and nonfunctional. 

While it was created for entertaining and relaxation, many times the living room serves as an exercise space, craft area, playroom, office, etc. Walking into any living room, especially if you have kids and pets, you might see piles of mail, unread magazines, toys, clothes, and books scattered and untidy. 

Eliminate mysterious things

Take a walk around the room with a large basket and pick up anything that doesn’t belong in the space. It could be tools you forgot to return to the garage, overdue library books, clothes that belong in your bedroom closet, and toys that kids don’t play with. Also, if you have items that belong to somebody else, remove them from your living room and deliver them to the right person.

Create a home for the things you need

While you are touring your living room, you’re bound to find homeless items and many of them. So, if you accumulated numerous needed items spread all over the room, pick an accessible place to contain them. I personally like attractive baskets, available at major stores as well as local thrift shops. The same goes for your books, magazines, paper, and toys. They all need to be contained to be functional and beautiful.

Horizontal surfaces are clutter magnets

We all have coffee tables and end tables that become loaded with random stray items, making the room untidy and unattractive. First of all, reduce the number of knick-knacks that don’t serve the purpose in your home. Instead of placing on end tables, use space on your walls to display the pictures you like and have meaning to you.

Form versus function

Most of us want to live in a beautiful home surrounded by many attractive items, while we tend to pay very little attention to how we function. So, it goes back to having only items that are purposeful and useful. Less is more when it comes to decorating your space.

Here are a few useful tips that might help you stay organized:

Creative clutter controllers: Position a wastebasket in the space where the mess accumulates. Also hidden in the corner can be a donation box or container for the items you don’t need or use. Make sure that you get your donations out at least once a week.

Tidy your cords: There is nothing more unappealing than tangled electrical cords. Keep them together by tying them with electric tape and placing them in an attractive, non-flammable, box. Simply cut the hole on the back of the box and pull the cords in. Nobody will ever know your secret and the problem with cords is solved. 

Display your favourite pictures: A well-functioning and loving home is created by displaying pictures of family, friends, pets, and nature. Don’t forget to display fresh flowers, candles, or anything else that will make your living room a sanctuary.

Devote some time to make your living room clutter-free, a place where family and friends gather together. An organized and beautiful living room becomes a sanctuary for all family members.

Ranka Burzan owns a professional organizing company based in Powell River and has written several books on reducing clutter and becoming more organized. For information, go to

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