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Letter: Appalled by comments

Resignations are common enough, for a variety of reasons

I am appalled at some of the comments made by J.W. Blom in the Peak [“Letters: Unanswered questions,” February 1].

It is very disrespectful and insulting to suggest that those who choose to remain on a committee or board after resignations are participating in a dumbed down, rubber-stamping process.

Over the past 33 years I have sat on literally dozens of such local boards, advisory groups and committees including on behalf of the City of Powell River and qathet Regional District.

Resignations are common enough, for a variety of reasons. For those who choose to stay to fulfill their commitment, we should be thankful that such volunteers are willing to give so freely of their time on behalf of all of us.

Blom’s implication is quite the opposite, suggesting that those committee members who remain lack integrity. I think an apology is in order here.

Wayne Brewer
Westview Avenue
Powell River