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Viewpoint: Education, film, culture and sea lions

by Jonathan Willcocks I am an experiential educator, facilitator, coach, speaker, adventurer and serial entrepreneur.

Letters to the Editor: February 2, 2011

Industrial bugs I appreciated reading the informative article of January 12 which described the outbreak of the Douglas fir bark beetle ( Dendroctonus pseudotsugae ) in the Sunshine Coast Forest District (SCFD) [“Bark beetle threatens coastal forests

Editorial: Ad attacks

Canada’s Parliament resumed this week, after a six-week break and in the midst of election speculation, much of it fueled by Conservative Party attack ads that started running in the middle of the month.
Editorial Cartoon: February 02, 2011

Editorial Cartoon: February 02, 2011

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Viewpoint: Room for herons and bikes

by Betty Zaikow With logging in Powell River Recreation Complex park area last summer, residents of Powell River lost a beautiful tract of rainforest right here in the city.

Editorial: Literacy matters

Family Literacy Day is an annual initiative that takes place on January 27 to encourage families to learn together all year round. The theme this year is Play for Literacy.

Letters to the Editor: January 26, 2011

Close call On January 17, my granddaughter had a very close call [“Time to slow down,” September 8, 2010]. She takes the bus from Grief Point Elementary School and gets off beside the Airport Market.

Editorial: Second chance

After sitting on the issue for more than half a year, City of Powell River council is poised to consider once again bylaw changes to the waterfront lot known as the old arena site.
Editorial Cartoon: January 26, 2011

Editorial Cartoon: January 26, 2011

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Viewpoint: Smaller communities provide help

by CC Duncan As a behaviour management consultant I appreciated the Peak running the story “Incident sparks call for awareness” on December 29, 2010. When I first moved to Powell River in 2007 I thought “what an incredible place to raise a family.