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Editorial: Diversifying

Waterfront development has long been a goal of community leaders and many residents.
Editorial Cartoon: January 12, 2011

Editorial Cartoon: January 12, 2011

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Viewpoint: Haiti visit sheds light on home

by Vi Isaac My recent visit to Haiti was a great experience and I’ve been reliving much of it as I dream at night and when I answer friends’ questions [“Artist supporting children in Haiti,” October 27].

Letters to the Editor: January 05, 2011

Kings need support As a fan and volunteer for our Powell River Kings I’m amazed that despite being an entertaining team every year, we can’t put fans in the seats [“Two more wins secure top spot,” December 22].

Editorial: Assessments arrive

Assessment notices, which Powell River property owners will receive in the next few days, are the first step on the road to paying property taxes, as well as providing an indication of a home’s value.

Editorial: Hot riding

Powell River residents will be paying close attention to the BC NDP (New Democratic Party) leadership race, with MLA Nicholas Simons making a run for the top job.
Editorial Cartoon: January 05, 2011

Editorial Cartoon: January 05, 2011

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Viewpoint: A hero in the family

by Larry Belle Mission resident Ed Pednaud is a hero in the eyes of our family, and to me personally. Ed is my son-in-law.

Letters to the Editor: December 29, 2010

Carols light spirit “Settle down and stop squirming in your seat. This is a choir. We sit still to listen to choirs.” This I have been told since I was a child.

Editorial: On the move

If there was a theme for 2010 in Powell River it would be the year for looking back and moving forward. Townsite turned 100 years old in 2010 with its centennial celebration honouring a century of community spirit and accomplishment.