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Bookkeeping team helps qathet region businesses flourish

Strategic planning, financial insight offered by Heather Bookkeeping
[Standing, from left] Crista Whyte, Jena Lohrbach, Jennifer Burry, Lindsay Obermeyer, Chris McMillan and Amy Heather. Seated: Wendy Harvey.

For 15 years, Heather Bookkeeping owner Amy Heather has provided financial services ranging from full-cycle bookkeeping to strategic planning, helping qathet region businesses flourish.

Entrepreneurs often find themselves making decisions with limited financial insight, unsure of the actual health of their business and potential areas of growth. Heather Bookkeeping steps in to fill this knowledge gap with timely reporting, state-of-the-art solutions and real-time resources that ensure businesses receive vital information precisely when it is needed.

“It’s crucial to have a bookkeeper you connect with, who explains complex financial terms in a way that’s understandable,” says Amy, who is a certified professional bookkeeper through CPB Canada.

For businesses in financial disarray, Heather Bookkeeping offers a Bookkeeping Clean-Up service, ensuring companies are compliant, well-organized and primed for future success.

“The more organized they are, the better we can support them,” adds Amy. “We help clients set up systems tailored to their preferences, whether they lean digital or prefer traditional paper methods.”

Additionally, services extend to setting up a chart of accounts, financial reporting systems, staff training sessions and even on-site setup to guarantee a smooth operational flow. Amy and her team provide strategic bookkeeping, which offers cash flow analysis and looks for ways which businesses can save money and plan for the future.

“In traditional bookkeeping, your details are simply entered into a software and reports are generated, but we analyze, strategize and work toward the growth of our clients,” explains Amy. “We aren’t just the external entity processing your finances, we immerse ourselves as part of your team.”

While bookkeeping forms the core of the services offered, Heather Bookkeeping also provides CFO and controllership functions. With a decade of experience serving local businesses in the qathet region, Amy ensures solid and progressive cash flows, aiding businesses in aligning their finances with a long-term vision and the owners’ lifestyle aspirations.

Heather Bookkeeping offers strategic planning sessions to help businesses articulate and clarify their goals, emphasizing that planning isn’t reserved for nonprofits and municipalities; small businesses stand to gain significantly as well.

For those considering managing their own books, Amy compares it to a DIY house project; it might be doable, but a professional can execute it more efficiently, with greater expertise, eliminating the need for the business owner to dive into the intricacies.

Heather Bookkeeping is transitioning from a home-based model to a new office, a major step for the firm, which has been in operation since 2018.

“Having an office will certainly enhance the client experience,” says Amy. “With dedicated admin support in place, our team will be able to provide even better service and ensure every set of books is audit-ready.”

To celebrate the new office, Heather Bookkeeping is hosting an open house from 10 am to 2 pm on November 4 at 4726 Marine Avenue (Unit 5) in Powell River, behind 2% Realty. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet the team and enter a draw for a strategic planning session or business consultation.

Recognizing that every business is distinct, a free 30-minute consultation is being offered to new customers to tailor a unique “success recipe.” This personalized approach ensures businesses have the custom financial systems they need to thrive.

The team at Heather Bookkeeping can be reached at [email protected] or 236.328.0328. For more information, go to