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Boutique in qathet region offers treasure trove of elegant gowns

Perfect Fit for Brides and Grads turns dress dreams into reality
Perfect Fit for Brides and Grads owner Guadalupe Dufour provides a diverse collection of unique and branded gowns with personalized service, ensuring clients find their dream dresses without the need to travel out of town.

Weddings, graduations and formal events are milestones that call for the perfect dress.

Perfect Fit for Brides and Grads, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the qathet region, is here to turn dress dreams into reality without the hassle of travelling to Vancouver Island, or elsewhere.

Owned by Guadalupe Dufour, Perfect Fit for Brides and Grads offers an assortment of handcrafted, unique and brand-name gowns right in the comfort of our community.

“People are often surprised when they discover that the dresses they searched the city for can be found right here in my boutique,” says Guadalupe. “My boutique offers a serene ambiance where clients can take their time in peace. We value privacy and personal attention, serving only one client or party at a time, ensuring a relaxed and focused experience without additional travelling expenses.”

Perfect Fit stocks several hundred dresses, each unique in style. From ball gowns, A-lines and layered tulle to corsets adorned with rhinestones, lace, sequins and feathers, the options are limitless. Currently, a summer sale is in effect, with up to 50% off items in the boutique.

Guadalupe says she is excited to bring in a Ukrainian wedding line known for its exquisite corsetry and European flair.

“It’s interesting to note that styles for weddings and graduations are becoming increasingly versatile,” she adds. “Brides are opting for dresses in various hues, while graduates are drawn to traditional white or cream gowns.

“My collection is rich in diversity, boasting hundreds of dresses, each with its own unique style. This provides an abundant selection for clients to try and discover what resonates with their tastes.”

Brands such as Cinderella Divine, Andrea & Leo, Milano Formals, Ellie Wilde and Amoris fill the racks at Perfect Fit for Brides and Grads. The new collections start arriving in late summer for viewing, with actual dresses becoming available around December or January.

“One important aspect to consider is that while online shopping can be convenient, it is not without its pitfalls,” explains Guadalupe.

From delayed deliveries and ill-fitting dresses to discrepancies between what is seen on a model and what arrives, the list of potential issues is extensive.

“I truly believe that many of us need some guidance in figuring out what suits us best, and this is where my expertise comes in handy,” she adds. “My ultimate goal is to assist each individual in finding their dream dress, and with my experience and comprehension of what flatters different body shapes, I am here to make that happen.”

Guadalupe emphasizes starting early, especially for alterations or ordering specific sizes and colours. With intricate dress constructions, alterations can be time-consuming.

“I’m committed to ensuring my customers receive the best service and their dream dresses on time.”

Additionally, what sets Perfect Fit for Brides and Grads apart is Guadalupe’s background as a pattern designer and seamstress.

“If a client likes one part of a dress but not the rest, we can redesign it,” she says. “My experience helps in personalizing gowns. It's not just about selling a dress; it’s about looking your best!”

To set up an appointment for a private viewing, call Guadalupe at 604.483.1800 or email [email protected]. Her website,, will soon feature catalogues of the brands she carries.