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New name, same great service offered by Pelidan Services on the Sunshine Coast

Owner brings 22 years of experience to painting, pressure washing and kitchen exhaust system maintenance venture
Pelidan Services owner Dan Russell.

Dan Russell is known throughout Powell River for his skills in interior and exterior painting, pressure washing and kitchen exhaust system maintenance, and he now brings his two decades of experience to his new company, Pelidan Services.

“People know me for my experience and work ethic,” says Dan. “I was Pelican Cleaning’s first employee back in 2000. I grew a lot with that company, but it was time for me to go out on my own as a sole proprietor.”

Dan works all year round, but in some seasons he is busier with certain types of jobs than others. For example, in the summer months he focuses on exterior painting, while when the rain falls and temperatures plummet, he can be found painting interiors and refinishing furniture.

“Pressure washing is almost a year-round job,” he says. “We are definitely busier in the spring when people want to clear away the unsightly, hazardous mold, mildew and moss from their decks and sidewalks, but as long as it’s not freezing, we can pressure wash anytime.”

Pressure washing takes skill and experience to do safely, without damage to the structures being washed.

“The difference between an okay job and a great one comes down to the right usage of pressure, the right degree of nozzle for the specific application, and the operator’s overall experience,” says Dan. “Inexperienced pressure washers sometimes don’t do a good job, or do damage, like lifting paint, cracking stucco or damaging shingles.

“A lot of people are surprised that I pressure wash roofs, as they’ve heard that’s not a good thing to do, but I have the experience to do it safely. I use environmentally safe products to remove the moss without causing damage to the shingles. Moss removal is extremely important, especially during the summer, as what grows over our rainforest winters will dry out and become a fire hazard in our summers.”

Dan is also an experienced interior and exterior painter, and has freshened up many houses since he began painting 15 years ago.

“Cutting and blending properly is key to a good paint job,” he says. “It’s also important to pick the right type of paint for the particular surface and colour. I use top-quality paint because even though they are more expensive per can, I get excellent area and colour coverage, which actually saves you money. A basic inexpensive paint might take three to four coats to look good, whereas quality paint might only take two, so you’re saving on both paint and labour costs.”

Dan is also the only technician on the Sunshine Coast certified to maintain commercial and restaurant kitchen exhaust systems. He has experience with everything from home-based commercial kitchens to food trucks. With his wealth of experience in all these areas, residents know that any job he quotes will come in very close to the number he proposes.

“Knowing how many coats a certain colour will take, or how long it might take to properly pressure wash a deck, or what’s involved in cleaning a kitchen exhaust system, comes with experience, and that knowledge is key to accurately pricing jobs,” says Dan. “I have been working with some of my clients for 22 years. Even though the company name might have changed, they know they can count on me for quality work. I’m looking forward to bringing that sense of professional work to more people in Powell River.”

Anyone with a pressure washing, painting, or kitchen exhaust project can reach Dan at 604.208.1983.