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Salon in qathet offers holistic approach to beauty and health

Innovative wellness services and stylish swimwear available at Simply Bronze Tanning & Swimwear
Danica Work of Simply Bronze Tanning & Swimwear offers a comprehensive range of services, including tanning, stylish swimwear, health-enhancing treatments, and a new wellness pod to ensure clients are beach-ready and feeling their best.

For those seeking a healthy glow and stylish beachwear, Simply Bronze Tanning & Swimwear is available to get customers beach-ready.

Founded in 2007 by Danica Work, the salon has evolved into a hub for wellness and fashion, offering a unique blend of services that cater to a diverse clientele in the qathet region.

“Our goal is to make everyone feel better than when they came in,” explains Danica.

The salon also prides itself on safety and education, ensuring that each tan, whether from a bed or a spray, is administered with the utmost care to promote skin health.

“We regulate the UV exposure closely, unlike the unpredictable sun,” she adds. “You know exactly what you’re getting here.”

Simply Bronze boasts a wide selection of swimwear including fashionable bikinis, tankins and one pieces, with sizing from zero to 22, and a great selection of cupped-sized swimwear as well.

Accessories such as hats, bags and sandals round out the offerings, ensuring clients are fully equipped for their next vacation or pool day.

Next month, Simply Bronze will introduce an innovative addition to its wellness services — The Cocoon Wellness Pro — a luxurious full-body powered massage system wrapped within a pod that emits dry infrared heat, creating a revitalizing, rejuvenating and relaxing experience.

Designed for anyone committed to improving their health or achieving peak performance, the Cocoon Pod enhances physical and psychological well-being with numerous benefits, including weight management, detoxification, pain management, stress reduction and improved mental clarity.

“Introducing the Cocoon Wellness Pod is our way of staying ahead and offering something new and beneficial to our clients,” says Danica.

Simply Bronze is not just about tanning; it's a lifestyle, she adds. With a membership model that allows access to various services at competitive rates, regular clients can enjoy everything from the traditional tanning beds to spray tans and the new wellness pod.

“Our members get the best deals, and with packages starting as low as $40 a month, it’s a fantastic way to prepare for summer.”

Anyone who is looking to embrace a healthier approach to wellness, and/or discover a treasure trove of stylish swimwear and accessories to transform their wardrobe, Simply Bronze Tanning & Swimwear awaits at 216-6975 Alberni Street (Above Powell River Public Library).

The salon is open from 10 am to 8 pm Monday to Thursday, 10 am to 6 pm on Fridays, and 10 am until 4 pm on Sundays. For more information, call 604. 485. 4225, email [email protected], or go to or Follow Simply Bronze on Instagram @simply_bronze_tanning_swimwear.