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Restaurant in qathet region celebrates Mexican heritage

Family passion meets authentic cuisine and culture at Blue Agave Tequila Grill

Blue Agave Tequila Grill is more than just a restaurant; it's a vibrant celebration of Mexican culture, tradition and the communal joy of shared meals.

Owner Victor Jasso has transformed his passion for authentic Mexican cuisine and art into a local experience. With a mission to modernize and share his heritage, Jasso and his family have created a unique dining experience that honours the past while embracing the present.

At the heart of Blue Agave is the entire Jasso family, which has been involved in the food industry since he was 14 years old. The restaurant is a family affair, with each member playing a vital role in its success.

“We're so lucky that the whole family is involved,” shares Jasso. “My wife, who is also my partner, takes on the role of the baker. I manage the bar and oversee the operations.

“Our 20-year-old son leads the kitchen, and our 22-year-old daughter takes care of accounting and service. This collaborative family effort underlines the essence of Mexican tradition and culture, which we proudly share with the community.”

Jasso also expresses thanks to team members who have been with the family since the beginning: Christian Borrego (artist); Yadira Tello (owner); Dafne Sierra (server/assistant); Steven Jasso (cook); Miranda Tuck (cook); Martina Parsons (server/social media); Jessica Pye (server/marketing); Trinity Jacques (server); and Cassandre Penny (bartender).

For diners seeking not just a meal but an immersive cultural experience, Blue Agave’s décor pays homage to Mexico's rich artistic heritage. The restaurant features a gallery with a mural dedicated to Frida Kahlo and celebrates the state of Jalisco – the birthplace of mariachi music and tequila.

The menu at Blue Agave explores the diversity and depth of Mexican cuisine. Signature dishes include birria, a traditional stew known across Mexico.

“Every city in Mexico has a representative dish,” explains Jasso. “Ours is birria. It consists of marinated beef with traditional dry peppers, roasted garlic and tomatoes.”

The grill also offers molcajete, a volcanic rock bowl used to serve an array of grilled meats, cactus leaves, fresh salsas, cheese and corn, and showcases recipes that have been passed down through generations.

Jasso takes pride in the restaurant's selection of unique tequilas and homemade tortillas, made fresh daily on a press brought directly from Mexico.

Looking ahead, Blue Agave aims to continue being a "happy place" for celebration. It plans to expand into catering, group bookings and bring the first Latin Fest to town.

“We're very active with special events,” says Jasso. “We offer live entertainment, such as mariachi and Cuban bands, and Latin nights.”

Blue Agave is inviting qathet region residents to join in festivities celebrating its first anniversary.

“Prepare for a Latin-themed evening brimming with the vibrant beats of Orquesta Tabasko, live music that promises to sweep guests off their feet.”

For this special occasion, chefs have curated an exclusive four-course menu priced at $65 per person.

“This unforgettable night is an opportunity to indulge in the unique flavours and spirited atmosphere that define the Blue Agave,” says Jasso.

The celebration doesn't end with great food and music. In keeping with a commitment to the community, a portion of the event's proceeds will be donated to Powell River Search and Rescue. Reservations are now open. Anyone interested can secure their spot by calling 236.328.0046.

For those interested in experiencing the warmth and vibrancy of Blue Agave Tequila Grill, go to for updates on upcoming events or to make reservations.