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Three Chicken Farm becomes hub for animals and celebrations

Venue makes events and adventures memorable

In a small community where local bylaws strictly limited residents to having just three chickens in their backyards, Jenn Kinahan and her husband Pat dared to dream bigger.

What started as a cheeky nod to this regulation, with the couple keeping four chickens instead of the allowed three, has blossomed into the 2.5-acre Three Chicken Farm, a haven for a diverse array of animals and a bustling centre for community events and private celebrations.

Since its establishment, Three Chicken Farm has evolved from its modest origins to include a variety of animals such as a donkey, a pony, KuneKune pigs, a llama, goats, sheep and a beloved goose named Sketch. The farm is home to these animals but has also become a cherished destination for those seeking a unique, interactive experience with nature.

"Everybody wanted to come out and see the animals and pet the animals, so we saw an opportunity to bring people into our homestead and give them a glimpse into farm life, without having to run one themselves,” notes Jenn. “Since our first interactive farm day, our farm has opened up to many different event opportunities, and we love working with so many ideas and great people.”

Three Chicken Farm boasts a variety of attractions and events designed to engage visitors of all ages. One of its highlights is Movie Under the Stars, an open-air movie event that invites guests to enjoy the farm before gathering up snacks from the Mustard Wagon and getting cozy for an outdoor movie on the big screen.

The farm also offers a unique birthday party experience featuring barrel train rides, a bounce castle and the opportunity to engage with farm animals, making it an unforgettable venue for children's celebrations, allowing them to learn and play in a controlled yet free environment, where the welfare of both animals and visitors is prioritized.

Understanding the allure of the countryside, the farm expanded its accommodations with the opening of a B&B in May 2019, followed by a second accommodation in 2022. This offers guests a serene escape with modern amenities and direct access to nature.

Both properties back onto the popular Duck Lake trail system, ideal for biking and hiking enthusiasts. Accommodations can be booked directly on the website.

Jenn and Pat’s vision for Three Chicken Farm is more than animal husbandry. Her family is creating a space where the community can come together. The farm is a sought-after venue for weddings, corporate events and private parties.

“We have an event tent, tables, heat lamps and benches ready for your farm-to-table family event or wedding,” says Jenn.

As Three Chicken Farm continues to grow, the Kinahans remain committed to their roots — providing a loving home for their animals and a welcoming space for the community. With every event hosted and every guest welcomed, they share the joy and simplicity of farm life, proving that sometimes, breaking a small rule can lead to the creation of something truly special.

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