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Westview U-Vin U-Brew offers limited edition and award-winning wines

Varietals enhance customized options

Owned and operated by Jeremy East, Westview U-Vin U-Brew offers more than just winemaking, but there are some pretty exciting things going on for anyone looking to curate their very own award-winning wines.

Last year, Jeremy did some trial wine batches for the Tilburg family farm in Wildwood. He submitted a few to the 2022 WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition and won gold for a 2021 Estate Siegerrebe.

“It was a good trial base,” says Jeremy. “I sent multiple wines created from different varietals from their farm, and they all scored quite well. The one bringing home a gold medal is pretty hard to knock.”

Before working together, the Tilburg family had a micro-vineyard, not quite to the level required to go full-scale winery. With the owner’s phenomenal knack for growing things, Jeremy was excited to be partners.

“After our wins from last year’s wine, I reached out and asked if they were willing to sell raw products. Now we’re going to offer small-batch, premier, Powell River-only wines to our customers.”

For those who don’t recognize the name Siegerrebe, Jeremy describes it as a tropical, fruit-forward, refreshing, aromatic white-varietal wine.

“I’ve tried Siegerrebes from a few other full-scale wineries, and I just didn’t think they stacked up to what we produced between the Tilberg viniculture and our brewing technique. It’s just a real winner.” 

Westview U-Vin U-Brew will be open for presale offers for a few different, primarily white wine varietals with the potential of blending, depending on what customers want. Wine kits will be offered in half batches, just over 11 litres or 15 bottles of wine. Prices will vary based on the chosen recipe and crop yield.

The grapes are harvested through September and October, depending on weather. When they’re ready, they’re ready, explains Jeremy.

“That’s where the whole presale idea is important, so we know how much we’re going after and how much we need to fulfill our orders. We’re shooting for the equivalency of $30 to $50 bottle-style wines that you would expect from a liquor store. Customer costing will be more than significantly cheaper.”

Not only will buyers save a bunch, wines from Westview U-Vin U-Brew offer more organic styling, and reduced chemicals and additives, says Jeremy. This means a shorter shelf life, but aromatic varietals are meant to be drunk, not stored, he adds.

Options are available when purchasing or preordering a kit. Home brewers with the right equipment can take the kit home, all ready to go. Or, if a quality, custom vintage is desired without the dirty work, Jeremy will take care of that part.

“We cater our product directly to the consumer, so if they want a Blackberry Prosecco, dry or a touch of sweetness to it, we can absolutely make it.”

In addition, for anyone hoping to snag the gold-winning wine, Jeremy is offering that exact recipe to presale customers.

Limited edition wines

Each year WineExpert launches five limited edition wines, generally different blends or strict varietals that are sourced worldwide.

For reds, there is a Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot: a medium oak, medium-full body and dry wine from Walla Walla, Washington, released last December. The release date for a Malbec Bonarda Syrah: a full body and dry, heavy oak from Argentina, is in February 2023. The final red is an Aglianico Barbera: a full body and dry, heavy oak wine from Italy, released in April.

Whites featured a Viognier Roussanne Marsanne: a medium full body and dry wine from France, to be released this January. A Pinot Grigio Gewürztraminer: a medium body and off-dry white from California, will be released in March.

To pre-buy limited edition wine kits or gold-winning grapes, email, call 604.485.0345 or stop by the shop at 7030 Glacier Street.