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Bigger is not always better when it comes to buying and selling property

Boutique-style real estate brokerages offer better services thanks to their local knowledge and flexibility
Josh Statham, Realtor at 460 Realty. Photo via Josh Statham.

Bigger is not always better.

That’s certainly the case in the real estate marketplace where services from a boutique-styled operation can be easily tailored to a client’s needs.

And that’s vital, especially in a small and unique marketplace such as Powell River where long-time Realtor Josh Statham offers the flexibility, knowledge and direct services of a real estate brokerage through 460 Realty.

“We offer a new voice, a new brand, and new look in Powell River,” Statham says. “It’s also fresh, local and dynamic.”

It’s not the typical franchise set-up where clients are presented with a “one size fits all” arrangement that the larger real estate companies try to squeeze them into.

“We embrace being boutique, and pride ourselves on being an actual Vancouver Island, British Columbia-owned business,” Statham says. “And because of that we have a vested interest in the operation, which is a huge difference-maker when it comes to the reputation and success of the brokerage.”

And that directly relates to the customers’ experience as they get a definite edge in the marketplace.

“Being able to react and respond to our local markets because we are the actual owners and decision-makers for the company, rather than through the hierarchy of a franchise business, provides considerable advantages,” Statham adds. “And people are flocking to that model of buying and selling real estate.”

Plus, thanks to a wealth of local knowledge in the real estate market, the boutique-brokerage model is an effective one.

“We pride ourselves in being local,” Statham says. “When more and more people are moving into the community from elsewhere, they need that kind of expertise from their agent.

“Understanding the intricacies and finer details in the region is crucial. We pass along this information to clients who have found Powell River and are seeing the benefits of living in this beautiful community, which has such a great climate, access to the outdoors, and a host of wonderful amenities.”

The local brokerage opened in January of 2021 when four real estate agents got together with the idea of offering an independent brokerage option to Powell River.

They then joined with 460 Realty, which had grown quickly on Vancouver Island.

“One of the other major advantages of being independent and not having all the bureaucracy of a franchise is how we work with our agents and are able to respond to the dynamics of the local market,” Statham says.

“We also simply have an unparalleled history in coastal British Columbia’s real estate market. And if you are not immersed in that and current in the local regulations, you will be behind in a hot topic market, all though the Sunshine Coast, the Lower Mainland, the Sea-to-Sky area, and Vancouver Island,” Statham says.

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