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Experienced realtors are more important than ever in increasingly competitive property market

Experienced realtors are more important than ever in increasingly competitive property market

How much do you value experience and ability?

When it comes to finding or selling a home in Powell River, and rest of the Sunshine Coast region, a lot is riding on it.

So, having a realtor who knows the lay of the land well can have a profound impact.

“It’s now more important than ever you have a realtor who has a track record, resources to properly market your home, and expertise in the negotiation process,” says Josh Statham who has been recognized with top producer status by the Powell River Sunshine Coast Real Estate Board.

With a real estate market that remains very active, and interest in smaller communities across the province, like Powell River, growing, Statham says the competition to find a home that checks all the boxes remains high.

“We are still seeing multiple offers, especially in the more fluid segments of the market - the affordable, entry level, or those looking to downsize,” he says. “And with the forecast in the Canadian market, even after interest rate adjustments, showing significant growth, making a real estate sale will require strong marketing, sound advice and good negotiating.”

Statham says he brings all of those attributes together for his clients.

He employs in-house marketing specialists, incorporating 3D images to create video floor plans, and professional drone video and still image photographers to present your listing in the best possible way.

“We have strong media producers because the content showcased online - the digital curb appeal of house listings – makes a huge difference, it matters,” he adds.

“And the more potential buyers can see, the more they can think on it, the better they can understand it before viewing it in person, and possibly purchasing it.”

Today, with increasingly more buyers coming from outside the community, it is vital.

“In Powell River, specifically, 70 per cent of buyers are from out of the area,” Statham explains.

“Therefore, strong digital marketing is very important. It’s the way the majority of purchases are now conducted.”

Driving that outside interest is the value real estate in the region represents.

“Many buyers want a bigger home, or to live in a smaller community, rather than being trapped in a multi-family, urban area,” Statham says. “That has fuelled the exodus from more densely populated areas to smaller communities across the province that allow the growing work-from-home segment to remain linked to their jobs.

The Sunshine Coast’s lifestyle has also been a big draw.

“You can walk out of your back porch and soon be on a trail, get on your bike and be in the forest in minutes - our access to the outdoors is unparalleled,” Statham says.

“We have the ocean, coastal mountain ranges, beaches and lakes right at your doorstep.”

For more information about how an experienced realtor like Josh Statham can make a difference if you are selling or buying a new home, visit his website at