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Kicking the Clutter: Three easy projects for fall home organizing

The biggest dilemma for many people is where and how to start

Most people recognize the importance of spring cleaning. On the other hand, fall cleaning doesn’t get that much attention. I believe it should be equally important, especially if you didn’t finish everything in the spring.

The biggest dilemma for many people is where and how to start. I usually suggest the kitchen, the most used room in the house.

Project one: Assess​ ​your kitchen

​Take an ​inventory of your kitchen​ supplies​. Start with ​the ​big​ ​pots and pans​,​ ​​keep​ing​ only ​what you use and need. How many plates, bowls, cups and glasses do you use? Do you have an overflow of cutlery and​ ​cooking utensils​, making it ​harder ​to find things you need​?

​How fresh are your spices, and how many do you use? Buy spices and​ ​seasoning in bulk, then visit the dollar store for glass jars to store ​them.​

Project two: Declutter your bedroom

Clarify the functions of this room. There is no simple answer to this question as we use our bedroom for other functions beside sleeping.

Some of these may include storing extra furniture, clothes, books, pictures and sentimental things. Many people use the bedroom to watch TV, listen to music or as a home office. Once you decide what the functions of this room will be for you, make sure they don’t clash with the main functions of resting and sleeping.

The easiest and most efficient way to declutter and organize a bedroom is to remove all the things that don’t belong in the room and don’t support relaxation and sleep. Start downsizing horizontal spaces, such as dressers and night tables. Remove the books you read already, the jewellery you don’t wear and bottles of makeup. Use attractive boxes and baskets to contain the things you are keeping.

Bedroom storage solutions include a laundry basket and garbage can, under bed storage containers, and drawer dividers to keep items neat and tidy.

Project three: Organize your bathroom

Bathrooms are the smallest rooms in home​ so ​they get disorganized​ very fast​. This is especially true if you have a large amount of beauty and cleaning products. If you are constantly buying​ new toiletries, medications and cleaning supplies, you will be drowning in the bathroom clutter.

Sort your medicine cabinet and let go of expired medication by taking it to a local pharmacy. The bathroom​ ​holds ​a ​lot of moisture; ​it​ might not be ideal storage for your medication, so consider your kitchen or linen closet for storage.​

K​eep only products you use daily in your bathroom. Keep extra supplies elsewhere.​ ​Use clear acrylic containers (dollar store) to separate lotions, soaps, shampoos and toothpaste, et cetera.

Use vertical space when​ ​you don’t have a lot of horizontal space; the walls are your ideal storage solution. Install floating​ ​instead of free-standing shelves, hooks or magnets to store your supplies. Store your hair-care appliances and accessories in a plastic container under the sink.

Start your projects today for a better tomorrow.

Ranka Burzan owns a professional organizing company based in Powell River and has written several books on reducing clutter and becoming more organized. For information, go to