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How can I improve my posture?

Ask an Expert: Dr. Ted Johnson

Having good posture isn’t just important for feeling confident; it’s actually a necessity for good health. If you find yourself slouching too much, here are a few ways you can improve your posture naturally.

1. Did you know our abdominal muscles play an important role in posture? When you stand, be conscious of pulling your stomach in.  This will help you “straighten up.”

2. When you’re standing, stop and notice where you’re carrying your weight. Is it in the front or back of your feet? Shift your weight so that the majority is held on the balls of the feet.

3. Avoid leaning towards your computer. This often results in forward head posture. Instead, increase the font size if you find yourself squinting and leaning. Make sure the screen is level with your eyes.

Ted Johnson is a chiropractor in Powell River who has been practising for 29 years.

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