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qathet Regional District receives Brew Bay project update

Proposed development south of Powell River comes before planning committee
PROJECT HIGHLIGHTED: Brew Bay Village representative Mathew Wilson outlined the development proposal for Electoral Area C, which will include a residential development, resort and eco hub on property situated in the Lang Creek area.

qathet Regional District’s (qRD) planning committee received an update on the proposed resort and residential development at Brew Bay through correspondence from the proponent.

At the June 8 planning meeting, regional district directors received correspondence from project and infrastructure manager Mathew Wilson, outlining the project.

Electoral Area B director Mark Gisborne said he was pleased that Wilson had sent the committee correspondence regarding the proposed development of the Brew Bay Village project.

“Also, it’s good to see reference to regional district policies, specifically the 2009 sustainability charter, and I’m also happy to read that public access to public beach land will not be restricted in any way,” said Gisborne. “Of course, he also talks about more information to come, so I’m hopeful we will be getting more information soon.”

Planning committee chair and Electoral Area C director Clay Brander said he agreed that any information the regional district receives on the project is good.

The planning committee voted to receive the letter from Wilson.

In his correspondence, Wilson said he was writing to share important information about the project proposed for the 190-acre property in Electoral Area C that takes in the Lang Bay estuary, part of Lang Creek and is upland of Mahood’s Beach.

“Our project has been designed specifically to protect the ocean, shoreline, creekside and estuary in perpetuity, and to a standard that exceeds regulatory requirements,” stated Wilson.

Wilson stated that due to its unique nature, qRD lacks some of the conventional tools for land use planning to guarantee the highest environmental outcomes. He stated that Brew Bay Village is mindful of this and is building these tools into its subdivision plan.

“Our dedication of riparian areas, oceanfront and estuary zones exceeds the sustainability charter recommendations and the requirements of any level of government,” stated Wilson. “In addition, we are assuring public access to the beach in perpetuity.

“Our goal with Brew Bay Village is to create a sustainable community where artisan local offerings blend with world-class wellness amenities. We will create a space that honours its surroundings and makes everyone feel welcome.”

Wilson attached three pages of responses to frequently asked questions pertaining to the project, which is planned to be carried out with co-developer GOCO Hospitality.

The first question was: when will the project open? The response was that there are three components to the development, including GOCO Retreat Brew Bay, the residential development and the public eco hub, which houses the marine conservation centre, the adventure centre, a local food market and deli and some cultural amenities.

The residential lot plan will be complete in 2021, according to the response, with subdivision and servicing lots for single detached homes as the first priority. It stated that the eco hub, local marketplace and marine conservation amenities will be built out starting in 2022.

As far as the GOCO Hospitality wellness centre, it is currently too early to establish opening or completion dates for various elements of the project, the response stated.