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I’m overwhelmed with all the fitness and nutrition advice out there. How can I simplify it?

Ask an Expert: Karina Inkster

You do not need to weigh your food, track your macros, drink lemon juice and cayenne pepper in your water every morning, avoid carbs, or add sustainably-sourced Scandinavian lingonberries to all your smoothies.

Here’s what I focus on (completely ignoring the rest):

1. Eat 80 per cent whole foods, 20 per cent whatever you want.

2. Intentional movement most days of the week. Prioritize strength training.

3. A mental health practice. Meditation, yoga, hobbies, whatever works for you.

4. Deep social connections.

That’s it! No need to overcomplicate things.

Karina Inkster is a qathet region health and fitness coach, author of five books, and host of the No-B.S. Vegan podcast.

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