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Kicking the Clutter: What self-limiting beliefs are stifling you?

Since we cannot change the past, we have to find a way to empower ourselves and become the success we desire. ~ Ranka Burzan
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Why do we play a victim, blame others, and have all kinds of excuses when we don’t have a life we desire?

Have you ever pondered the possibility of you being the one who holds you back?

“What you believe is what you achieve.”

I believe that applies to all of us, no exception.

When we feel inspired by our beliefs, feeling that we can achieve anything, we set our mind to it and the possibilities are endless. However, if we have self-limiting beliefs, life becomes challenging and success can be unachievable.

Since we cannot change the past, we have to find a way to empower ourselves and become the success we desire.

Here are the three most common self-limiting beliefs:

1. I don’t have time

This is the mantra repeated daily by many of us. When you repeatedly use time as an excuse, you start to believe in it. So, you stop trying to find the time to do what’s important to you.

Holding onto this belief can keep you overwhelmed, stuck and unproductive for many years. This might clarify why we all have 24 hours in a day to achieve whatever we want. The question remains, why do some people do more than others.

Use a piece of paper and write down where and how you spend your time and be honest about what you find. As you look closely at how you use time, you might discover the patterns of habits that are not working for you.

All of us have plenty of time to do the things that are important to us, it’s just your choice how you use it.

2. I can’t do it

I used this limiting belief for most of my adult life. It kept me a prisoner without ever being paroled. I lost many opportunities to make changes for a more purposeful life.

The more you repeat this declaration, the more you begin to believe in it. As a result of these limiting beliefs, you feel unmotivated and disappointed in yourself.

If we add to the two little words “I can’t” by simply placing the word “yet” at the end of the statement, we can create more potential and opportunity.

It will take some time to make positive changes and believe in yourself, just remember that you always have a choice.

3. It’s too hard

Many people have challenges in this area from labelling themselves as not being capable of learning new things, meeting people or whatever else they perceive to be true for them.

I was held back for many years because of my beliefs that the English language is hard to learn and my chance of learning it was  zero. That lasted until I was forced to look for a job or become an entrepreneur.

It was then I realized how much that belief had the potential to limit me, because entrepreneurship is all about learning, creating and implementing new ideas.

Examine your childhood beliefs; it’s likely that’s where they originated from and became an obstacle in your life.

Life coach Ranka Burzan owns a professional organizing company based in the qathet region and has written several books on reducing clutter and becoming more organized. For information, go to