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Editorial: Brutal blow

If Powell River residents are fed up with escalating ferry fares, now is the time to let voices be heard. BC Ferry Commissioner Martin Crilly has given preliminary approval to rate increases for the next four years.

Letters to the Editor: April 6, 2011

MP support proves successful In 2003, logging contractors received funds from the BC Forest Revitalization Trust in exchange for the loss of their logging contracts resulting from the implementation of the Forest Revitalization Act .

Viewpoint: Accessibility key to library location

By Glenn Nelles In my original rant to the Peak editor a year or more ago my sole interest was to express my opinion that what this town needed was a new library.
Editorial Cartoon: March 30, 2011

Editorial Cartoon: March 30, 2011

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Editorial: Reserve debate

City of Powell River officials won’t be able to dodge, much longer, the responsibility for clearing up old landfill sites.

Editorial: Voting views

Some people think it’s unnecessary. Others believe it wastes money. Still others think it will change little. Some don’t even know it’s happening.

Letters to the Editor: March 30, 2011

Treaty turmoil Sincere congratulations appear to be in order to Tla’Amin (Sliammon) First Nation for having successfully forced the Harper regime to deal with their treaty [“Federal minister says he is committed to initialling treaty,” March 23].

Viewpoint: Local currency creates society

by Rob Higgin Two questions about local currency: First, what backs a local currency? And second, how does it fit in? Before answering the first, we need to be very clear about what backs conventional money, and that boils down to, what are people wi

Editorial: Land use value

A marathon meeting that attracted more than the usual number of attendees may signify a sea change in rural areas.

Letters to the Editor: March 23, 2011

Standing together I wish to express strong solidarity with the people of Tla’Amin (Sliammon) First Nation in response to the treatment received at the hands of John Weston, MP for West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country, and his masters in O