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Editorial: Public input

Residents have spoken on the City of Powell River’s options for treating sewage.

Viewpoint: Fire brings out the best in people

by Barb Rees Our busy Saturday started with a trip to the dump, before going to Town Centre Mall to purchase a new cell phone.
Editorial Cartoon

Editorial Cartoon

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Editorial: Fighting fares

Since the provincial government transformed BC Ferries from a Crown corporation to a quasi-public-private company in 2003, fares have increased by 60 per cent on the minor routes. The ferry commissioner has given preliminary approval for an 8.

Editorial: Barge deal

Relocating the barge terminal facility to Townsite proved to be a trickier proposition than expected. City of Powell River officials learned a great deal along the way and eventually made the right decision to keep the facility in public hands.

Letters to the Editor

Shooting of bears Like many residents I was shocked, disgusted and angry about the killing of the cubs and their mother [“Resident shoots bear cubs,” May 18]. These bears frequented our property and we all managed to live peacefully.

Viewpoint: Hold town hall before decision

by Paul Schachter Our digital age has helped create a more educated and informed public, one that insists on increased openness, accountability and responsiveness in government. That’s a good thing.
Editorial Cartoon: May 18, 2011

Editorial Cartoon: May 18, 2011

What are your thoughts about this week's cartoon? Click here to view the full-size version.

Editorial: Rethinking ferries

Powell River residents will once again have to dig deeper into their pockets to travel with BC Ferries. The company has announced it is adding a fuel surcharge on most routes beginning June 1 because of rising fuel costs. A 2.

Editorial: Bold solution

Given the history of Olive Devaud Residence, it’s fitting that the community will fund a replacement facility.