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Editorial: Ode to mom

Oma. Inay. Maman. Mutter. Mor. Mae. Mum. No matter the language or culture, the word “mother” has many subtle nuances and grander meanings.

Letters to the Editor: May 7, 2014

Highway cycling Powell River needs a good bike lane on Highway 101 from Lund to Saltery Bay [“Staff propose bike route,” September 11, 2013].

Viewpoint: Plan to increase agriculture

by Paul Schachter Establishment of Full Circle Farm (FCF) is an important part of restoring our local agriculture [“Farmers split on common goal,” April 9]. Powell River’s farmers once raised nearly 50 per cent of the food consumed in this area.
Cartoon: April 30, 2014

Cartoon: April 30, 2014

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Editorial: Brain drain

For small towns to survive, the entrepreneurial spirit and mind of young people in BC will need to be nurtured. Opportunities to learn skills and access resources are crucial for them to succeed within local economies.

Letters to the Editor: April 30, 2014

Farm plan As a local farmer and president of the Powell River and District Agricultural Association, I was very disappointed with Janet May’s article “Farmers split on common goal,” April 9.

Viewpoint: Meaningful public engagement vital

by Karen Skadsheim Meaningful civic engagement is vital, especially on large decisions that will impact this community and the environment for years to come.

Editorial: Soul searching

If cities have souls, how would Powell River be described? So begins a journey of introspection, a quest for truth, a definition of character, spirit and direction. The soul of a city is a strange admixture of cultural, commercial and natural life.
Editorial Cartoon: April 23, 2014

Editorial Cartoon: April 23, 2014

What are your thoughts on this week's cartoon?

Letters to the Editor: April 23, 2014

Water at issue “Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink!” Reading the Peak , March 26, there are a couple of comments in the article “Bursting at its seams” that really make me ask questions.