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Company in qathet Regional District handles drainage dilemmas

Frank’s Excavating offers expert solutions to water problems
Frank McCorkell's comprehensive approach to excavation and landscaping tackles wet season challenges, providing essential services for homeowners in the qathet region.

Homeowners facing drainage issues and water intrusion in all qathet Regional District areas, including City of Powell River, may want to consider contacting an excavating service first, according to Frank McCorkell, owner of Frank’s Excavating.

With the wet season bringing a slew of drainage challenges, McCorkell's expertise in handling complex excavation and landscaping jobs is more crucial than ever.

"We're working on perimeter drain jobs, using camera scopes to assess the condition of existing drains, and in some cases, replacing them entirely," says McCorkell, who often collaborates with City of Powell River and other professionals to diagnose and address more complex issues.

"We do our research, look at the history of the area and sometimes work with the city to identify and resolve underlying problems," he adds.

This comprehensive approach ensures homeowners are not charged until a clear action plan is in place.

“We don't just rush in to do the work,” explains McCorkell. “There's a lot of preparatory work involved, from assessing the property to communicating with the city and other professionals.”

For any homeowner experiencing water intrusion or drainage problems, McCorkell recommends an immediate call to a professional such as himself.

“It's not advisable for homeowners to start digging without understanding what's going on underground,” he says. “We ensure all necessary precautions, like calls to BC-1 for locating underground utilities, are taken care of. Most of the time, I can get there quickly and assess the problem, providing a quick fix if needed.”

McCorkell and his team offer foundational work to landscaping and utility upgrades for properties in the qathet region. With over 30 years of experience, he is adept at handling a range of services, including deliveries, landscaping, plumbing works in collaboration with his son-in-law Johnny Osman from Honest Plumbing, and much more.

"We do everything from scratching in the foundation and landscaping to dealing with drainage issues,” he adds. “We work closely with electricians to put power into new builds and replace old water lines."

McCorkell says working in someone's neighbourhood often leads to more jobs, as neighbours see and appreciate the work they do, which is an added benefit to living and working in a region he says he loves.

"I never want to move anywhere else,” he adds.

For a free quote, McCorkell and his team can be reached by phone at 604.414.5082 or by email at