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Health store owner draws on lessons learned on the ice

Perseverance, organization and creative problem-solving skills helped Nicole Rumley once she got into the business world
Nicole Rumley.

When Nicole Rumley was on the ice competing as a figure skater, she was focused, well trained mentally and physically to persevere and do her best to reach her goals.

As a chartered professional coach, she not only passed along these same characteristics to her young skaters, but she now also instills that drive and focus in her business, Kelly’s Health Shop, to help customers attain a better approach to a healthier life.

“Perseverance, organization, creative problem-solving, emotional control and time management skills, those are all aspects that helped once I got into the business world,” says Rumley, who back in 2017 acquired the business she considered to be a good fit for her background and experience.

“Being in sport, you are always dialed into health and being healthy, so it was a natural for me to be involved in a business that also helped provide that,” she says.

“I have three decades of experience as a professional coach, which helps in so many aspects of the business. Basically, I am coaching customers to better themselves.”

Since Kelly’s Health Shop has been serving the Powell River community since 1975, Rumley knew maintaining a close relationship with customers was a vital component of the store’s operation.

“We have a very loyal, long-standing relationship in the community, and we want to provide the best for our customers, so the emphasis is to provide a holistic way to help improve a person’s health,” she says. “That’s why we have a registered holistic nutritionist, a clinical herbalist, and a homeopathic practitioner providing their knowledge and expertise,” she says. “For a small town that’s quite a wide-ranging group of people all in one place where people can come in and ask questions.

“Unfortunately, we live in a society that is always looking for a quick fix,” she adds. “And to make real change, you have to take a longer term, more complete approach.”

Providing information on alternative medicine is a big part of Kelly’s Health Shop’s outreach to the community.

“Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, we’d bring in health practitioners from throughout the community for seminars. Hopefully, we can return to that in the near future,” Rumley says. “It’s that holistic approach we emphasize. It’s not one thing that drives success. And it’s not just one thing that drives your health.”

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