Local business puts customers first

Pat Hull, President and General Manager of Rona Powell River Building Supply since 2003 says his job is not only about selling plywood and tools. Speaking on behalf of the staff of the organization which provides home hardware and garden supplies to people in the Powell River area, he says “the people and the community are what we enjoy most.”

What sets Rona’s Powell River location apart is that it is privately and locally owned, and is a reflection of the “amazing fabric and fibre” of the Powell River people.

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While in the past Powell River may have been a sleepy community, these days it is seeing a resurgence and a rebirth, with more businesses and home-owners thinking outside the box and diversifying. “Powell River has done a good job of reinventing itself. There are more unique businesses opening up,” Hull says.

When it comes to homebuilding, which Hull has seen grow in recent years with more and more people moving to Powell River to enjoy its peaceful, unique lifestyle and lower cost of living, there are also more environmental considerations being given to development. “Every week I meet someone new from Vancouver,” Hull says. “We have probably 3,000 accounts and many weekly and daily visitors. It’s very much a relationship business.”

Those relationships extend to community organizations which Rona Powell River Building Supply supports: “There isn’t a charity or organization we don’t help. If they ask for help, we can give it.”

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