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Mortgage brokers help ensure your financial future is in good hands

Jeremy searches out deals from among all the lenders for ones with terms that suit his clients best
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Ask Jeremy Garth what he likes about his job, and he will tell you it’s mostly about giving his clients choice.

Helping make dreams of homeownership come true or refinancing/renewing for a great rate and product —well, that’s one of the by-products.

Jeremy is a mortgage broker at Enrich Mortgage Group (DBA Zipp Mortgage) who enjoys showing what he can do by offering clients a wide range of options that far exceed dealing with a single bank.

“It’s also really rewarding to change the perspective clients may have about mortgage brokers,” he says, adding, the chief one is that they can tap into funding both with and outside traditional banks.

Jeremy explains that the majority of his clients end up securing “A” lending rates whether it be with a traditional bank, credit union, or mortgage finance company.

The difference is he searches out deals from among all the lenders for ones with terms that suit his clients best.

“One of the limitations of working with just a single bank/lender is that you can only offer customers products from that lender, which may not necessarily be the right choice for them, based on their needs or wants over the coming years,” Jeremy says.

“Exploring options from a large variety of lenders allows me to offer full service to my customers. It gives them the best products and rates for what they are looking to do—not just for their immediate situation, but to set them up for success over the next five, 10, to 25 years.”

Over that time period, clients may want to move, renovate or expand their home, and Jeremy can present them with a financial deal at the outset that takes those considerations into account.

“My goal is to educate customers throughout the entire process, explaining to them all of the options available if their circumstances change,” he says.

“As a mortgage broker, I feel my clients enjoy the high standard of service that I set, being able to access a wide variety of lenders as well as being able to lean on my ten years experience in the mortgage industry.”

Jeremy also believes education is critical.

“I am able to walk clients through the whole process, from A to Z. And one of the biggest pieces of feedback I get is how wonderful it is to have had someone there for them. “I try to be there for my customers whenever I can,” he says. “Availability is a significant factor, especially when customers aren’t able to meet in the typical 9-5, Monday to Friday fashion, especially if they want to put an offer on a property after hours, on the weekend.

“I never want my clients to feel like just another mortgage application.”

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