The importance of a first impression: buying and selling homes

When it comes to real estate, a bad first impression could cost you. According to a 2017 report, over 90 per cent of real estate firms have websites, and the most common feature on those sites are listings. Realtors are no exception. The National Association of Realtors Research Department stated that agents use mobile devices and the Internet for a multitude of different activities, including communicating with clients.

However, with the growing expectation that realtors connect with customers in a digital space, ensuring a great first impression can be challenging. “If you have a bad lead photo or a collection of grainy, poorly lit photos, people are going to gloss right over your listing,” said Josh Statham, a local Powell River real estate agent. Statham has eight years of real estate experience under his belt. His previous sales experience and wealth of knowledge about the area also puts Statham in a uniquely advantageous position. However, it really is Statham’s use of state-of-the-art technology to market and promote homes that has skyrocketed him to the top as one of Powell River’s most sought after realtors.

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“Every single day in the market there are people who are looking desperately online for a home and they’re passing over homes that would have been perfect for them,” he said, speaking to the drawbacks of traditional media in the market. “If their realtor had that listing and had marketed it properly, they could have shown potential buyers all the great advantages of that home,” Statham added.

Turning to media and content creation, Statham’s approach to real estate quickly gained a strong following. He uses media, such as high definition photography and video, he said, “so that buyers get the whole sense of the property.” The Josh Statham Home Team goes beyond that, using virtual reality and 3D imaging.

“You can literally put on your VR goggles and stand and walk through the home, or take the 3D model tour which also creates a floor plan that shows live actual furnishings in the home as it sits,” he explained. With his experience and unique approach to a changing industry, Statham is able to guarantee that great first impression, something he believes is everything in real estate.

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