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Ready or not, fall has arrived. With the days becoming shorter and the evening temperatures brisker, it’s time to put the barbecue and summer lawn furniture away and start thinking about getting the house ready for the coming wind, rain and even snow.

If the thought of winterizing windows, weather-sealing doors, climbing up ladders to inspect the roof and eavestroughs and cleaning the gutters causes a surge of anxiety, then it may be time to enlist the help of a professional. 

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Thankfully, expert help is only a call away. 

Cory Frick is the owner of One Reliable Contractor, a home repair and maintenance service that has just relocated to Powell River from the Okanagan Valley. 

“I've worked jobs in a lot of houses with a lot of homeowners and I could see the frustration and irritation they had with unreliable contractors,” says Cory. “It became clear to me what I was not going to be."

With more than 20 years of experience in home and building repair and maintenance, One Reliable Contractor gives Powell River homeowners another option to complete all the jobs that taking care of a home brings.

As leaves begin to fall they will surely fill the eavestroughs and downspouts, blocking water from running off the roof and away from the house, says Cory. 

“Though time consuming, cleaning them out regularly until all the trees are leaf-free is a good idea to help stop water from finding a way inside,” he adds. 

Cory says he has seen his fair share of water and weather-caused damage. 

“Obviously, it’s better to be proactive than having to repair water damage,” he adds. 

Exterior preventative maintenance is only a small part of the variety of jobs One Reliable Contractor can help homeowners complete, says Cory. 

Cory is looking to take on bathroom and other minor home renovation jobs and interior home repair. He also provides installation services for ceramic tile, laminate flooring, drywall and taping, mouldings and baseboards and interior painting. 

Cory also takes jobs landscaping, cleaning up yards, hauling yard waste and installing new chain-link and wooden panel fences. He has experience with metal fabrication. 

“I’m very thorough and I make sure everything is done right the first time,” says Cory. “The main reason I started my own business was so that I could enjoy working with clients to help them accomplish their projects and seeing their appreciation firsthand.” 

Cory and his daughter Emily moved to Powell River at the end of September. He says it was time to leave the Okanagan.

Cory says he and Emily are eager to get settled into a place with a slower pace of life and experience some of Powell River’s outdoor adventure opportunities. 

“We're really looking forward to being able to head out onto Powell Lake for some fishing,” he adds. 

Cory says the urbanization of the Okanagan Valley over the past few decades has turned the small town northeast of Kelowna where he lived into a sprawling suburb choked by heavy daily commuter traffic, strip malls anchored by big box stores, and growing social isolation; a town that’s lost its charm, where neighbours no longer seem to know or acknowledge each other walking their dogs in the morning.

“We’re really looking forward to the friendlier atmosphere and being able to say hello to people on the sidewalk,” he says. “The Okanagan is just too fast-paced and busy for Emily and I.”

Both Cory and Emily have a real knack for designing and making things, he says. 

Whether it be projects such as the truck-bed-mounted hand-powered crane and the headache rack he built for his truck, or more of the graphic design and painting that Emily gravitates toward, Cory says he thinks Powell River will provide an atmosphere more conducive to his family’s talents. 

“Powell River, with its slower pace, is really a better place for creatives,” he adds.

To enlist the help of One Reliable Contractor, call or text Cory at 778.215.5620 or email

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