Powell River Physiotherapy adds capacity, makes physio more accessible

Physical therapy clinic opens doors

A new physical therapy clinic has opened in the heart of Westview and promises to reduce wait times for local residents seeking rehabilitation.

Powell River Physiotherapy opened its doors March 11 on Franklin Avenue in the newly renovated Georgia Centre. Physiotherapist Kevin Turpin, who has been practising in town for the past seven and a half years, says he is excited about going out on his own and offering contemporary physiotherapy services to the community.

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Physiotherapists work with their patients to help them regain mobility after an injury or surgery, and they can help to manage chronic conditions such as arthritis and diabetes. Physical therapy has been shown to help people with diabetes improve cardiorespiratory fitness, glycemic control, lipid profiles and blood pressure, as well as to maintain weight loss.

Turpin, who moved to Powell River with his wife in 2011, is known for his commitment to excellence in his practice. He believes in lifelong professional development.

Kevin says he felt the time was right to open his own clinic.

“I wanted the room to move into areas of physio that I’m passionate about,” he adds. “I’m really excited about all the benefits of an active treatment approach.”

A new clinic will also make physiotherapy services more readily available in the community, says Kevin, something that Powell River has been grappling with over the past few years.

“For those people who’ve been in car accidents, suffered workplace accidents, or have experienced an injury playing their favourite sport, having to wait two or three weeks to see a physiotherapist is just not ideal,” says Kevin.

In general, a shortage of health care is not uncommon in smaller rural communities in the province, he adds.

Whether it is pain management or rehabilitation from a sprain or management of heart disease, physiotherapists can help. Kevin says his primary areas of interest are helping his patients with post-surgical therapy and designing personalized exercise programs, as well as workplace injury prevention.

“I probably see more people with neck and shoulder pain than anything else,” he says.

But he adds that he is excited to expand into seniors’ care. “People are more interested in learning how to stay active, mobile and engaged in life as they age,” he says, adding that physiotherapy’s popularity has grown recently because of changing demographics. Baby boomers have embraced the idea of healthy aging and physiotherapy is perfectly situated to fill the need for wellness and preventative care, he adds.

Kevin has completed his Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) certification. Gunn IMS uses dry needles to relax muscles, allow for more range of motion and lessen pain.

“It really helps people with persistent pain syndromes get back to their lives.”

Kevin says he embraces a holistic approach in his practice. A common situation is to have patients come in and talk about their ankle or knee pain, but upon examination, the patient’s problem is actually with their hip or spine.

“I like to step back and look at how my patient’s body moves as a whole, regardless of where the current pain or dysfunction is,” he explains. “Sometimes you treat the site of pain, sometimes not. That’s the beauty of a thorough assessment.”

Powell River Physiotherapy will hold a combined grand opening with Dr. David Mann, who recently moved in next door, from 4 to 6 pm on Thursday, April 11, and is inviting the public to drop in and see the new clinic.

For more information about Powell River Physiotherapy or to book an appointment, call 604.485.4334, email info@powellriverphysiotherapy.com, or drop by in person.

Powell River Physiotherapy is located in Unit 12-4312 Franklin Avenue. Find and like Powell River Physiotherapy on Facebook.


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