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Initiative revolutionizes mental health in qathet region

VK Wellness co-founders spearhead comprehensive approach, aim to transform community wellness

VK Wellness Initiative, co-founded by Vanessa Coray and Kara Fogwell, offers an integrated health experience in the qathet region. The duo hopes this initiative will fundamentally alter the approach to mental health and wellness in the community.

“For a long time, we had noticed the many barriers to accessing mental health-related services in the public and private sectors,” explains Fogwell. “VK’s mission is to discover new and innovative ways to help people access health and well-being and overcome these barriers.”

Every client at VK Wellness receives personalized attention through an assigned case manager, ensuring their unique needs are addressed holistically. Case managers spend an hour with each client to create a tailored care plan that aligns with their current experiences. The objective is to link clients to internal VK Wellness resources and external community resources and support.

While many clients come through physician referrals, Coray emphasizes that anyone can reach out directly. Self-referral is as easy as making a phone call, leading to a comprehensive care plan.

While the scope of services offered by VK Wellness is expansive, the team has a keen focus on trauma, women, families and children. The qathet region sees a distinct shortage of therapists catering to younger children, according to Coray, and VK Wellness addresses this gap by accepting kids as young as three years old. Furthermore, valuable partnerships are in place to assist first responders, offering stress resiliency and injury prevention programs.

In addition to its flagship services, VK Wellness stands out with its Employee Family Assistance Program. Geared toward employers, this customizable initiative aids in providing wellness support tailored to individual teams, regardless of the company’s size.

“We have conflict resolution specialists and can craft unique packages that fit within even a small business budget,” says Coray.

An upcoming “Engage VK” event scheduled for September 27 aims to provide employers insights on psychological safety in the workplace, among other vital topics.

“We go in, assess the organization on 12 areas of wellness, and provide a comprehensive report on the health and culture of that organization,” says Fogwell.

When asked about challenges businesses face in mental health support, Coray says it’s twofold – costs and a lack of awareness of employees’ specific needs. While many resort to generic solutions, such as webinars, VK Wellness has a different approach.

“People need connection, not just resources,” she adds. “We offer tailored solutions, many of which are even free.”

For business owners hesitant to take the first step, Coray assures a seamless process.

“After a brief interview, I can propose various ideas and cost estimates. Consider it a free consultation. Just give us a call.”

VK Wellness offers clients the opportunity to plan the best way to access services considering their own financial, family and social needs. This includes making sliding scale options available and connecting clients with a large range of free and public support they might be able to access as well.

Through collaboration with various funders, including First Nations Health Authority, Autism Funding Unit, and corporate EFAP contracts, many VK Wellness clients find their services fully covered. Additionally, clients are supported with extended medical benefits through registered clinical counsellors and social workers.

As VK Wellness expands its reach, Coray says the hope is to bridge gaps in the health care system and foster a community where integrated health becomes the norm rather than the exception.

The team at VK Wellness can be reached by phone at 604.413.7095 or by email at [email protected]