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Hidden spa paradise in historic Townsite

Full-fledged wellness retreat in qathet region offers one-stop shop for rejuvenation and self-care

Tucked away in the heart of Townsite, an unexpected retreat offers a sanctuary of rejuvenation and tranquility.

Kajal Kromm, owner of Kajal Kromm Eyebrow Threading and Shaping, has transformed her humble home-based business into a thriving spa haven, meeting a growing demand for self-care services among local residents and tourists.

Kajal and her husband Geoff Kromm, who both previously worked in the restaurant industry, moved from Vancouver to the qathet region in 2015. Offering services initially to family and friends, her venture took off, and soon became too busy to continue operating as a home-based business.

When asked about her business’s evolution, Kajal credits the unwavering support of her husband, and connections to other local entrepreneurs. She recollects meeting Paula, then owner of Just Soul Food, who introduced her to Steven Brooks, owner of Townsite Public Market, and thus began the expansion of her business.

“Looking back, I knew what I wanted,” shares Kajal, as she describes juggling both aesthetics and a “high tea” business during the tumultuous times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The unprecedented situation led her to consolidate the two services under one roof, ultimately resulting in a single, tranquil, spa sanctuary.

“The spa predominately caters to women,” she explains. “Life is already so hectic, and often women are running around taking care of everything and everyone. The spa offers a place to relax, put your feet up and escape from a daily routine.”

Kajal aims to change the perception of her business from just an eyebrow threading service to a fully equipped spa, where clients can indulge in a variety of treatments. Recently, the space has undergone a significant transformation, now boasting a clawfoot bathtub and an infrared sauna.

It’s more than just the physical treatments that keep clients coming back, she says.

“I offer full body massage and reflexology, not only releasing tension in the body, but rejuvenating the mind, resting the soul and elevating your whole being to a state that is out of this world,” adds Kajal, describing the unique approach she takes with each of her clients.

“We are all unique beings and I tailor each treatment to your own needs and what feels comfortable to you. After a personalized treatment with me, you may feel brand new, reborn.”

Clients can experience many health benefits from the services she offers, including stress relief, improved circulation and lowered blood pressure. Certain treatments can help purify the skin, assist with lymphatic drainage and boost the immune system.

Many of Kajal’s clients opt for regular treatments as part of their self-care routine, taking full advantage of the services available.

“I do my best to keep my services affordable and accessible so my clients can enjoy the benefits these treatments offer.”

Kajal’s spa isn’t just about self-care; it’s about community, connection and helping people feel their best. The business has been nominated several times for both Chamber of Commerce and Coastal Women in Business Awards.

Whether clients opt for regular treatments, or simply drop by for threading and shaping, they are ensured a magical and enriching experience.

Local business owner Brenda Elder of The Owl and Bear shared this about her hydrotherapy experience: “I felt safe and taken care of by Kajal, and would recommend this to anyone needing some self-care. It will be an amazing gift for someone you care about.”

Of her therapeutic massage, another client commented: “My experience was incredibly relaxing; I left feeling rejuvenated.”

For more information about her services, or to book an appointment, call Kajal at 604.440.8203 or email her at [email protected].